“Kishin” is a word coined to mean “to return to the forest” as if going back to one’s hometown looking for warmth.
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the harmony between nature and humans has increasingly come into focus. I have been close to nature since childhood, and the wondrous power of forests particularly attracts my attention, and supports and heals me.
The artworks of the Returning to Forests series are based on the concepts of “return to nature” and “regeneration of the soul” and are made entirely of plant fiber materials, including cotton and linen, as well as paper mulberry and oriental paper bush, materials used to make Japanese paper. The artworks represent various phenomena and anecdotes associated with forests. I would feel honored if an intrinsic way of life, respecting and living nestled close to nature, can be found in these works.







■ 山口県立大学大学院 修士制作展
          山口市 クリエーティブスペース赤れんが 2013.1.31~2.3

― 地域資源と植物素材を用いたニットによる服飾造形と空間構成 ―

photo : A.Kawai


  • 「帰森Ⅴ・Ⅵ・インテリア作品」


■ クリスマス ファッションショー vol.8
              山口県立大学講堂 桜圃会館 2011.12.18

photo : A.Kawai

model : Tatjana Sevi & JinsoL


Christmas fashion show vol.8